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Core Engineering Services

Project Planning and Management
The Project Planning stage is one of the most critical steps in properly evaluating the scope of any project.

"Proper Planning Leads to Well-Executed Projects."

At ENGCOMP, we provide in-depth assessments and evaluations of your project's costs, requirements, timelines, and resources before helping you define the scope of your budget. In doing so, we are able to set and maintain realistic expectations for all parties during the detailed engineering, procurement, and construction phases of the project.

ENGCOMP is committed to providing clients with high-quality core and niche engineering services. By working with clients during the initial feasibility and front-end planning stage of a project, we are able to ensure that all considerations have been explored and evaluated based on what information is readily available and leading industry standards. For our clients, this translates into realistic expectations and results.

On an ongoing basis, ENGCOMP will act as the client's liaison by helping coordinate the engineering disciplines, engineering cost control, and schedule management, project reporting, and services during construction. Not only does this ongoing support provide our clients with peace of mind, but it also frees up their time to be allocated elsewhere.

Detailed Engineering
Detailed Engineering involves close coordination and input from both basic engineering and the various engineering disciplines involved in the project. At ENGCOMP, we develop integrated and detailed design services for the procurement and construction of industrial, commercial, and residential projects. Specific areas include:

Structural Engineering

  1. Foundation
  2. Steel, concrete, and timber structures
  3. Equipment supports
  4. Dynamic analysis
  5. Storage bins and tanks
  6. Rigging and hoisting specialists

Mechanical Engineering

  1. Equipment
  2. Vessels
  3. Process piping
  4. Fluid and solid materials handling
  5. Dust collection
  6. Waste treatment
  7. Utilities
  8. Heating
  9. Ventilation and air conditioning

Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering

  1. Power distribution systems
  2. Lighting, grounding and cable tray design
  3. Motor control
  4. Instrument specification
  5. Process control systems (PLC/DCS) and programming
  6. Networks and communications
  7. Safety systems


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