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Loadout Screen Installation

Client: PCS Potash, Cory Division, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

ENGCOMP was commissioned by the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan - Cory Division (PCS Cory) to provide cost estimating, scheduling, and detailed engineering services for the installation of a new screen in their existing Loadout facility. This new screen was to replace their existing classification system for the sizing of their prill and granular products. A more efficient system would lead to an increased capacity for loading product, less horsepower usage, and the opportunity for future expansion.

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This project provided both engineering and logistical challenges. ENGCOMP provided support in assisting the client in selecting a suitable screen and then proceeded to provide engineering services for the installation of this screen. The installation involved demolishing existing structural steel and mechanical components in the area and installing new structural steel and mechanical components within the existing area to support the new system.

ENGCOMP worked closely with the client and the screen manufacturer in order to produce a suitable design that satisfied current demands as well as provide an opportunity for the client to expand this area of their operation in the future.


  1. PCS Cory was using a classifier and single-deck screen arrangement to size prill and granular product being reclaimed from the warehouses at a maximum rate of 400 MTPH
  2. This system existed in their Loadout Dispatch facility and took up a substantial amount of space. There were two classifiers, and each one was approximately 25 feet in diameter and 22 feet tall. For each classifier there were additional components including blowers, quad cyclone packs, hoppers, and large ductwork.
  3. The ductwork that went into and came out of the classifiers had been packed with material over time such that the classifiers were not operating efficiently.

The Project

  1. The client planned to install a new high-capacity screening machine within their existing Loadout Dispatch facility to take the place of the existing two-classifier system for cleaning Prill and Granular products being reclaimed from warehouse storage.
  2. The new screen will increase the efficiency of product separating, increase the overall capacity of the system, and decrease the amount of horsepower needed to power that particular area of the plant.
  3. The removal of the classifiers and related equipment will also open up the area for future expansion and better access for maintenance.
  4. The design process included the use of 3D parametric CAD modeling to determine a suitable location among all the existing steel and equipment for the screen and the location of all structural steel and mechanical components necessary for the new addition.

Design Criteria

  1. Increase the speed of the current sizing process from 400 MTPH (metric tonnes per hour) to 600 MTPH.
  2. Design new chutes that are "gravity fed" for which no additional mechanical conveyance is required to move the product streams.
  3. Design new structural steel and mechanical equipment to be installed in an existing area of the plant.
  4. Ensure that all new components interact safely and efficiently with existing components in the area.

Capital Cost

  1. $2.4 million


  1. Project was awarded to ENGCOMP in February of 2006.
  2. Project is scheduled for completion in January 2007.


  1. PCS Cory is satisfied with the progression of this project.
  2. ENGCOMP continues to work closely with the client to ensure a successful installation.


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